PlanetsCon 2014 in Europe – Join the Party!


We are happy to announce the first european Planets Convention for the end of August in Frankfurt, Germany. Some of the best players worldwide including reigning and retired Emperors of the Echo Cluster already have confirmed to attend. Now the organizing team is looking for a convenient place to accommodate this first live event in newer Planets history.

Please fill in this little survey if you plan to come and how you prefer to be accomodated!
An official invitation is announced as soon as we know how many players seriously are planning to come. 


Preliminary Agenda*
*purposedly vague and subject to changes

Friday 29th
18:00 Arrivals
20:00 Biergarten Meet-Up

Saturday 30th

00:00 – Sleep or Game On
09:00 – Official Opening
09:00 – Ghipsoidal Breakfast
10:00 – NIMM Non-Ingame-Message-Melee
13:00 – Emperor’s Lunch Discussion
15:00 – SBBR Show Blitz Battle Royale (Players to be announced)
18:00 – State of the Nuniverse address by Galactic Senate spokesman Joshua
19:00 – Imperial BBQ

Sunday 31st
00:00 Sleep or Game On
11:00 Reptilian Brunch
15:00 Hard Core Hangout
18:00 Official Closing and Departures


12 thoughts on “PlanetsCon 2014 in Europe – Join the Party!

  1. It’s rare that I regret my choice of occupation. Were I in a more lucrative line of work, I’d be able to attend — and nothing would keep me from going. Your beer is far better than ours.


  2. If I can create some excuse and time for business to go to Frankfort Germany, I will be there. I will see if I can set-up some business meetings and schedule a flight.


  3. Heya,
    I finally made an account to comment here.
    At our convention, I would like to suggest some activities. Specifically, it would be nice to hear some experts talk about playing certain races. How about a lecture from Spacesquad on the crystals, or Thin Lizzy on the lizards? Mentar might like to lecture on the colonies, and DM on the borg. Robijntje could speak on the privateers, and I know a lot about the fascists. Of course these things depend on who will be there.

    Perhaps people prefer a more informal gathering, but I found myself thinking about what we could learn from each other. And filling an agenda this way is a lot easier than it seems.


  4. we can definetely work something like that out 🙂 i think most of us are interested in the races that they are beginning with or never have played before, and it would be a great way to get some real and practical insights from expert players.

    i will set-up the registration in the next days btw – we have the poll running for a month now, so it might be the right time to make things happen 🙂


  5. I have not been in Germany in over 20 years. Wish I could get there, sounds great.
    Any plans to video some of the discussions and post on line?


  6. there are plans to record the convention yes, at least partially – it depends a bit on the footage and the results of the discussions if there will be something publisheable in the end.. but yes. since not so many people are reading this: theres also a plan to organize something to dial in inbetween for those who can’t come 😉


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