Alternative Soundtracks for Planets


Soundtrack – Mixed SciFi Soundtracks 

Soundtrack – Contagionism

Soundtrack – Mostly Martinez

Soundtrack – Tatooed Dragons

Soundtrack – Running the Blade

Soundtrack – Space Traffic

Soundtrack – Adam’s End

Soundtrack – Synthesizing Bots

Soundtrack – Solarized

Soundtrack – Promethean

Soundtrack – Oblivious

Soundtrack – Deep Space Knights

Soundtrack – Epic Mix (for dramatic occasions)



Piano – Debussy

 Piano – Chopin – Nocturnes



Electro – Space Ambients

Electro – The Ambient Pop Chillout Gameshow

Electro – Easy Deep (Space) House

Electro – Only for Robots


More to come …

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Disclaimer – All of these Videos are stored and hosted on YouTube. PlanetsMagazine does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of these or subsequent links. Depending on your location and country some of the content may be disabled due to copyright regulations.

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