A Guide To The Action News Capricorn War Coverage

Some readers have been confused by the placement and recommended reading order of the different Capricorn War Action News articles, and I’ve been asked to clarify.

This is the order in which the articles were written:
Turn 26: Inside The Capricorn War
Turn 27: An Interview With The Leaders
Turn 28: The Hidden Rebel Base
Turn 29: Homeworlds Ablaze
Turn 30: Natural Disaster In Cyborg Space
Turn 31: Pirate Raids Continue Unchecked
Turn 32: Crisis In The Middle West
Turn 33: An Interview With… Doctor Dinosaur?!
Turn 34: Slow News Day
Turn 35: Rise Of The Cyborgmen
Turn 36: The Balance Of Power Shifts Slightly
Turn 37: The War Heats Up
Stardate 317: Nothing Continues To Happen
Stardate 323: CPR News: Some Things Contemplated
Stardate 421: Apology Accepted, Captain Needa
Stardate 427: The Rhetoric Escalates
Stardate 501: Pancho Julio Rides Again
Stardate 502: Ships Destroyed At Homeworlds
Stardate 521: Industrial Ships Recalled After Accidents
Stardate 623: Privateer Leader Vanishes
Stardate 801: Vicksburg Falls
Stardate 808: Chunnel Mishap Strands Fleet
Stardate 812: Crossing the Picket Lines
Stardate 814: Cloud Nine Destroyed In Orbit
Stardate 817: Cyborg Becomes Electra
Stardate 827:  The Leo War — The New Champions Are Chosen
Stardate 829:  The Leo War — The Champions (Continued)
Stardate 1103:  Hunt The Cyborg
Stardate 1109:  Cyborg “Electra Cola” Sweeps Market
Stardate 1121:  Rebels On The Run
Stardate 1327:  Long-Heralded Cyborg Return Still Being… Heralded
Stardate 1330:  Ion Blizzards Bring Heavy Foreshadowing With a Chance Of Cyborg
Stardate 1517:  The Federation Strikes Back
Stardate 1530:  Federation Assault Continues
Stardate 1722:  Community Bottle Drive A Success

There are several fragmentary sketches and articles dating from before the 26th, and there also exist a couple of other short items from the War which will hopefully be posted here at some time in the future (if there’s sufficient interest).

I’ll be updating this list periodically during the upcoming turns, though as I mentioned before, I won’t be doing a story every turn. A new submission every two or three days is rather more than I usually do without being paid. (Writers don’t get much; basically, I’m usually just being reimbursed for the price of copy paper. I think I need a new agent.)

Finally, there’s the first Action News story, which was an expose on post-limit cloning; that has nothing whatever to do with war coverage, and can be found here:

Action News: Cloning

(We are reliably informed that the loophole that permitted this has been closed, and so the article is of no more than the slightest interest, for curiosity value.)

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