DIE HARD News – Jan 2014 – DH 4 Ends, DH X Starts, Team Games, Forger turns 100, and more!

(written by Big Beefer)

It’s been too long, but here are some updates on what’s going on in the world of the DIE HARD games!

  • First of all, DIE HARD 4 has ended with an alliance victory for Veldan of the Privateers and Azazel of the Lizards! Gudmo of the Colonies takes 3rd to round out the Top 3. (Note: This game actually ended over the holidays, but everyone was too busy to give it a proper announcement, sorry guys!) This was an extremely bloody battle that saw the complete extermination of 5 different races. Here’s the final standings:
RANK RaCE Player Plnts
1  The Privateers  veldan 153
2  The Lizards  azazel 136
3  The Colonies  gudmo 71
4  The Crystal People  dtolman 59
5  The Fascists  anaconda 44
6  The Bird Men  moorgan 34
7  The Feds  capt chaos 0
7  The Evil Empire  umphridas 0
7  The Robots  ryndieum 0
7  The Rebels  beagle 0
Drop  The Cyborg  atomicfury
  • Second, the newest game in our “Classic” series has begun, and promises to be a good one. It features the original creator of VGA Planets, Tim Wisseman, as the lizards! This becomes the 14th DIE HARD game in the series, which has now run almost 800 total turns! You can find info on this game and all other things DIE HARD on the DIE HARD web page (see link below).
  • Third, we are pleased to announce the start of DIE HARD Team Games, with our first Teams of 3 game hosted by Azazel. See this thread for more details. You can sign up as a complete team, or just post that you interested and looking for teammates and put together a team with other DIE HARD players in the same situation. This is a great opportunity for those interested in team games, but who don’t already have teammates. It allows you a process to “interview” prospective teammates, and plan your race selections and position before the game starts. Instead of joining a team game in an empty slot and hoping you get good, committed teammates.
  • Fourth, I’d like to send a special thanks and congratulations to Forger, our first player to reach 100 turns played in replacement positions. Taking spots in both of our tough Low Natives games, one must respect his willingness to take on a challenge! And while we are on the subject, I should mention that we have started a policy of giving replacement players the option to sign-up for some new games before they open to the general public. So you can get that race you really want to play! It pays to be a replacement!
  • Fifth, DIE HARD 6, thou art a beast… As of this writing, after one apparent regime change, DH 6 is on turn 61, and the leader has 58 planets. That’s an average gain of less than 1 planet per turn since the beginning! I have a feeling this one’s going to be running for quite some time…
  • Lastly, congrats to the DIE HARD 1 players who have crossed over turn 100 into the next century of play, with a combined military strength of over 6,000,000!

I didn’t have time for updates on every game in this post, but you can always check the current status and scores for all of the DIE HARD series games, find league-wide stats and our individual ranking ladder, plus other info at:

The Planets.nu DIE HARD Web Page

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