Short Construction Works and a Great Thank You!

Dear Readers,

We are restructuring the backbone of the PlanetsMag at the moment to prepare a better user experience in 2014. At the same time we are making a big clean-out to cut data sizes – During that process our users may be asked to re-activate their account. That is nothing special, just click on the activation link and you’re done… Sorry for any inconvenience.

I take this moment so short before Christmas to thank all readers, contributors and authors for their support, great work and the success of the PlanetsMagazine: More than 100 articles have been written and published in the first months of its existence, and there are always coming more. These articles have been read more than 20.000 times and i am sure that nearly every reader has learned something from them.

Without mentioning names i want to especially thank our editor and the authors who have -partly massively- contributed their wisdom without keeping any secrets back. Thank you so much for all the discussions in the editing room and the tricks you shared with the community.

In behalf of the PlanetsMagazine I am looking forward to 2014
and wish some happy holidays to you all !

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