Classic DIE HARD takes a season break

(written by Anaconda)

Die Hard 2 still being the only finished Die Hard game it has become tremendous effort to find new players for classic Die Hard. Therefore we are taking a season break over Christmas. All-new episode Die Hard X will begin to accept sign-ups during the first week of January, 2014. We have a special guest star playing in Die Hard X so if you are DIE HARD you might not want to miss this one (to the dissapointment of Canadians, it is not Rob Ford)!

For those who do not believe in Santa Claus and wont be celebrating Santa’s birthday in 24th and 25th of Dec., there are other custom game options available. I got that very particular itch at my bottom telling me something nice is coming up very soon and then there is also Die Hard Starcraft – a classic Die Hard with star map add-ons still open and accpeting sign-ups!

Keep your warp cores up and running and have a blessed holiday season (of doom)!

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