Planets Nu Hotkeys


Starmap Function
S earch Search for planets or ships
Q onnections Display Warp 9 Connections
P lanet names Display Planet names
Z oom Zoom to Planet and Warpwell
X lear Clear Starmap
easure Measure distances tool
   Zoom out Make map smaller 
=  Zoom in Make map bigger
 All screens  
C argo Transfer cargo from and to planets and starships
F riendly Change friendly Code.
I want to see last turn  Jump to last turn
O ne turn up Jump to next turn
R eady Mark checkbox as ready
T ransfer Transfer cargo from and to planets and starships
X lear Close screen, return to starmap
SPACE Select next object
 Ship screen  
nge Toggle range circle of ship
E nemy Set Primary Enemy of ship
M ission Set Mission of ship
N ame Change ship name
W arp 1-9 Set Warp speed of ship
ARROW KEYS Move waypoint by 1 lightyear
SHIFT multiple waypoints Hold to set additional waypoints for the next turns
 Planet screen  
djust taxes Adjust tax rates on planet
B uildings Build structures on planet
 Starbase screen  
B uild ship Build ship on starbase
D efenses Build Defense systems on starbase
L evels Raise Techlevels on starbase

3 thoughts on “Planets Nu Hotkeys

  1. Nice job thin, thanks for putting this together. I’d like to point out the “i” and “o” keys on the star map for going backward and forward in time on the time machine.


  2. It would be great to have a some more hotkeys:
    – switch between dashboard and starmap
    – notes
    – color
    – Hyperjumpcircle
    – Some kind of “Unload all” button


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