Blitz Tournament 0029 finally kicks off!

(written by ChallengeSpaceYard)

At long last Blitz Tournament 0029 is finally ready to kick off! After two weeks of rounding up players, we have finally landed at 22 players. As this number is not a power of 2, some players will not be competing in Round 1.

For any curious newcomers, a blitz tournament is an organized event where players compete 1 vs. 1 using the Blitz game format supported on Planets Nu since February 2011. The players are usually organized in a single-elimination bracket.

Since Blitz Tournament 0029 was originally aiming for 32 players, Round 1 would normally be called the Round of 32 (Ro32), but I believe it is better to consider it to be a qualifying round to workaround the partial compliment. I look forward to the many fireworks that will go off throughout this tournament!

The prizes for this tournament are as follows:

  • 1st place: 3 months premium membership
  • 2nd place: 2 months premium membership
  • 3rd place: 1 month premium membership

And here are the participants as shown from the detailed bracket:

Player Rank Seed Primary Secondary
JKovalainen Fleet Admiral 1 Fascist Lizard
Emork the Lizard King Fleet Admiral 2 Rebel Lizard
Andy44 Fleet Admiral 3 Robotic Lizard
Lord Helmet Fleet Admiral 4 Fascist Fed
BlueJay Fleet Admiral 5 Bird Man None
Ted Admiral 6 Fed None
Joshua Rear-Admiral 7 Fed Robotic
Ville Kauppinen Commodore 8 Lizards Rebels
Azzazzello Commodore 9 Lizard Crystalline
Figak Commodore 10 Bird Man Fascist
Stenweb Commodore 11 Crystalline Robotic
Joesnoffy Captain 12 Robotic Fed
CptSpiff Captain 13 Fed Bird Man
Turssi Captain 14 Rebel Fed
Valhalla Captain 15 Lizard Crystalline
Big Beefer Captain 16 Robotic Bird Man
coldSteel Commander 17 Fed Robotic
Calbasi Commander 18 Fed Bird Man
Crackpot Commander 19 Robotic Crystalline
Qquasar Lt-Commander 20 Robotic Empire
Cardno Lieutenant 21 Crystalline Bird Man
Kain7 Lieutenant 22 Crystalline Lizard

Good Luck, Commanders!

3 thoughts on “Blitz Tournament 0029 finally kicks off!

  1. I’m a little confused. I signed up for the tournament about 2 months ago. It sounds like you didn’t get enough people for a 32 person bracket. Am I missing something? I thought I’d at least get to play one elimination round.


  2. Earlier this month, I attempted to rally up as many players as I could so that I could get this going. About 10 players didn’t respond even after I posted on the activity feed (a.k.a the Black Hole), although I did manage to get two new signups to offset these losses.

    I believe I even attempted to PM everyone that didn’t already catch my public post. The best that can be done is to wait for someone in the bracket to go missing.

    Edit: New replacement idea


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