Just another Planets Card Game

Update: PST 1.1 is out – see it here!


The details:

Those three individual sets contain the whole Planets.Nu standard fleet:

  • Set 01: Supercarriers, Battleships, Frigates, Light Carriers, Infiltrators, Secret
    Weapons, Spotters, Freighters, Joker
  • Set 02: Heavy Battleships, Medium Carriers, Battlecruisers, Minelayers, Light Destroyers, Hyperjumpers, Special Agents, Scouts, Eco Supports
  • Set 03: Heavy Carriers, Generators, Stealth Warriors, Cruisers, Destroyers, Fighter Transports, Escort Ships, Gunboats, Explorers
  • Full Set: All regular starships above in one neat Poker size game of 2×54 cards.
    One cover card less, one Joker more, clear boxes.
  • Costs:
    Individual Set: USD $18  including 1 clear plastic box
    Two individual Sets: USD $30 including 2 boxes
    Full Collection: USD $36 including 2 boxes
  • Shipping :
    Shipping is USD $8 flat to all over the world.
    The manufacturer gives free shipping above the USD $90 if you want to order with your friends. To Iceland, New York and other remote places the shipping can take up to 4 weeks, sometimes even longer.
  • I wanna have them!
    Just drop me an email (PlanetsMag@gmail.com) with your desired shipping address and send the calculated amount via PayPal to the same email-address.
    I will take care of the rest.

What you see is a custom version of the known ‘Trumps’ game (or ‘Quartett’ in german) containing all 105 regular starships put into three standard size games. You can play it with 2 people or more while getting to know the Planets.Nu starships better than ever before – just by playing.

The whole game is about ship data and estimating which specification of the ship will beat the one of your opponent’s – without knowing what ship he has. So the better you already know the Planets fleet, the better you will be in this game – and maybe you will discover some hidden virtues of ships you usually would overlook. All three sets are compatible to another, the 105 ships are grouped in families of four. Plus a Joker which doesn’t have a family. The beloved Vendetta Class to be precise.

All families are numbered uniquely, so that you can play with all three sets at the same time. You can even try which of the sets is the strongest. Or, if your friends are maybe a bit too small or to pacifist to fight major deep space battles, you can also play ‘Happy Families’…

Some more details about the cards:card_details

  • Quality: Coated canvas surface, silky surface, round corners. Each game is printed and then cut individually, so there may be small variations or paper powder on the sides of the cards. Nevertheless i found card material, form and print better than most industry products you find in game stores.
    The complete pack of all three sets comes shrinkwrapped as one block with 3 extra plastic boxes to put them in (they just don’t fit into one plastic box).
    Single Sets come inside their plastic box.



  • Why are more sets so much cheaper? Setting up the print is the biggest factor in this tiny series – the more you print in one go, the more economic it becomes.
  • Is the package trackable? Unfortunately not for this shipping price. And too many cloaking devices inside.
  • Arrgh! I don’t have Paypal! A friend maybe has?
  • Are the games limited somehow? This is the very first edition and only for community members. So .. yes. And I will stop making them in december.




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