Blitz Tournament 0029 starting soon…

(written by ChallengeSpaceYard)

After much deliberation, it has been decided that Blitz Tournament 0029: Breakthru the 4th Dimension will start on October 7, regardless of the number of players participating in the tournament. Five months is long enough, and I will use this tournament as a reminder to reduce the size back to 16 in future tournaments until the popularity actually warrants an increase.

I have spoken to Joshua concerning this matter, and he has cleared the start. The only request he has is that I am still able to create my bracket(s) regardless of players or circumstances. Depending on how many players are still with us, I may consider the first round to be a qualification round for lower-seeded players (still best of 3).

At least I persevered even when the activity feeds were and still bite us all when they want to. Because of how extreme the process has been length-wise, I have posted a message to the activity topic requesting one last confirmation of sign ups. This serves to see how many players are still interested despite the delay.

In case there is still interest for new sign ups, I will still accept them at my current profile FIFO, and will even support a wait list in case I get any drops.

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