DIE HARD 7 Kicks Off!

(written by BigBeefer)

After a long wait while recruiting players, DIE HARD 7 finally has its complete roster and is under way! Here’s the final list of competitors:

  • capt chaos – The Solar Federation
  • snork – The Lizard Alliance
  • maktub – The Empire of the Birds
  • mule – The Fascist Empire
  • kedalion – The Privateer Bands
  • figak – The Cyborg
  • adder – The Crystal Confederation
  • harklyn – The Evil Empire
  • gigaschatten – The Robotic Imperium
  • siggi – The Rebel Confederation
  • ksb – The Missing Colonies of Man

Good luck to all commanders!

And the link to the game: http://planets.nu/#/sector/71509

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