Video tutorial: Turn 4

Video tutorial: How to play the fourth turn as the Crystal Confederation

– Basic colonisation
– Native planet management
– Advanced non native planet management


Click the map to enlarge:



9 thoughts on “Video tutorial: Turn 4

  1. Fantastic, enlightening and entertaining as usual!! Thank you for continuing this wonderful series!

    Far be it from me to correct the Emperor, but there is an error on the VGA Planets Calc page. (I’ve emailed that author, but he’s never corrected it. You should try contacting him! If he hears from an Emperor it would surely make more of an impression than a message from a lowly peon such as myself!!)

    Crystals can grow on a planet of any temperature greater than zero. In fact, Crystals are the only race that can grow on an arctic planet, and I’d consider that a pretty significant race advantage! Your 14-degree planet will indeed allow Crystalline growth, but it requires more colonists than you might want to drop at this stage in your game. When you bring your freighter back by and have some more clans to drop, you’ll see it reflected in the UI that when your planet has 72 clans, your people will begin to add 1 clan per turn. Crystals require a very large number of clans for arctic growth, but in fact they are the only race out of all eleven that can grow on planets whose temperatures are between 1 and 15. Crystals can adapt to any environment as long as the temperature is not zero!

    Until the calculator gets fixed, here’s a handy calc-supplement:

    === cut here ===
    Number of Clans required for Crystals to Grow on Arctic Worlds
    14 degrees = 72 clans required for growth
    13 degrees = 77 clans required for growth
    12 degrees = 84 clans required for growth
    11 degrees = 91 clans required for growth
    10 degrees = 101 clans required for growth
    9 degrees = 112 clans required for growth
    8 degrees = 126 clans required for growth
    7 degrees = 143 clans required for growth
    6 degrees = 167 clans required for growth
    5 degrees = 201 clans required for growth
    4 degrees = 251 clans required for growth
    3 degrees = 334 clans required for growth
    2 degrees = 501 clans required for growth
    1 degree = 1001 clans required for growth
    0 degrees = undefined (no growth possible, clans die without supplies, 3 supplies plus 1 factory can sustain 1 clan indefinitely)

    Disclaimer: The author of this little comment takes no responsibility for disparities in rounding between Nu and the old game 🙂 drop 1 extra just in case!


  2. … as alluded to in the disclaimer, I’m not sure about the rounding.

    I’m looking at a 10-degree planet in one of my games, and the UI shows growth at 100 clans (but not at 99). So yes, there is a tiny rounding difference between what Nu does and what I have scratched inside the cover of my Planets notebook.

    I guess you can safely subtract 1 from most numbers above 🙂 sorry for the imprecision!


  3. Building the 40 factories with no defenses leaves your planet open to sensor discovery, does it not? Why aren’t you worried about that so early in the game?


  4. Good point mthomas47: I could give you the simple answer and just say that there is no other cluster in range as you can see on the map i added above. But it´s not my main intention and i must confess that i would not have build defense even if my location was in the middle of the map.

    First: Attack is the best defense:
    The Crystallines are not a cloaking race, i have to leave my home cluster sooner or later, and then my neighbors will know where i am. Usually they see my ships before they are in range to scan my planets. Usually the first ship they see is the Emerald, then they have other worries then how to attack my planets.

    Second, “Eco Boost”
    I need that planet to produce supplies and minerals fast, defense is a luxury i can not afford. 16 defense posts would cost me 1 extra turn on that planet. But I try to defend myself thru speed, the strategy is called “Eco Boost”. It´s about kick-starting your economy and you will be able to build your best defensive weapon….

    Third, … webmines! and ..

    Forth, …time. With the average distance of 6-8 turns between the homeworlds, you have a some time before your highly aggressive neighbors shows up around turn 8-10. With a good eco you can build enough webs by then to be save by then.

    Most neighbors are not that aggressive that they build a MK7 Lizard Class in turn 1 and move it straight to the next cluster. (Expect exactly this if you fight Thin Lizzy.)


  5. True, the earliest guys you can expect coming are the cloaking races. And while they have their ships under cloak they can’t perform any scan missions. So the sensor scan thing applies more to all non-cloakers. If you see bioscanners, you need 20 Defense Posts anyway to hide away – and 21 gives you one fighter more ;).


  6. Space,

    When you get discovered early and there is a nearby cloaking neighbor… how do you balance production of new ships with web mines to prevent those nasty cloakers from encroaching on the HW. In one game I am playing I was rather quickly infiltrated by the Birds… I threw up webs to prevent the birds and successfully drove them off, but the result was that I did not develop and boost the overall economy fast enough. Now I’m dealing with a full on press by a well equipped rebel and while I can maintain the webs enough to prevent a quick conquest, I don’t have the firepower to take out the carriers I can see looming. It would be good to know if there is an ideal balance or a tip for driving the encroaching bird back without committing to web fields so early as I really needed about 3 more turns before my economy would have been in much better shape. The difference between several hundred mines and another couple freighters is significant it seems.

    Thanks for the posts by the way.. love this site!



  7. Why build any planetary defense posts at all if you have the universe’s most powerful defensive weapon at your disposal? I think defense posts are just too expensive for Crystals to make much of an investment in them. The sensor sweep issue – meh – they’re going to see the webs anyway…


  8. I will produce some webs and explain how to lay them in the next turns. In general, try to lay webs in their path, not over them. Let them fly into the web and do not allow them to sweep them from a planet orbit That way you will save mines and resources. Next step would be to get them moving, scare them with a Diamond Thunder Combo, or give them a valid target like and LDSF so they move. Then you can trap them. The more the enemy moves on his own, the less fuel you need to steal. Of course the planets they reach should be empty.


  9. As soon as I got to about 5:35 in the video, I logged in to make the same comment as ECV=)

    Yeah, crystals can grow almost anywhere. Slight clarification with ECV though: They do not really “grow” on 1 degree worlds (or 0 for that matter). You are limited to 1000 clans on a 1 degree world, so your population doesn’t actually move (unless you have more than 1000, in which case they die).

    On any planet 2 degrees or warmer, you can grow up to tempX1000 clans if you have clans to seed it. The economic benefit of being able to tax natives on just about any world you find is tremendous…. it’s the only eco benefit crystals get so you may as well take full advantage of it.


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