Blitz Tournament 0029 – Rules and Regulations

(written by ChallengeSpaceYard)

Tournament Regulations

Regulations last updated: 7:02 AM, October 17, 2013

  • Players will be organized by their single-race highest rank (known as the account rank). Players within each rank will be shuffled and then seeded.
  • Players should have at least one year of VGA Planets 3.0/PHost/Nu experience and/or some blitz experience before they sign up for this tournament.
  • Players are required to pick a primary race, which they must use in the first game of each pairing. They are recommended to have a secondary race that they may fall back to. They will be the only two races allowed throughout the tournament, and should not be published while there are open slots.
  • Each pairing will play a best of 3 games. The only exceptions towards this rule are the semifinals (best of 5), third place consolation (also best of 5), and the final round (best of 7). While missing 1 turn will cause a player to lose a game, it does not necessarily eliminate that player.
  • Players may agree who is to host the first game in each pairing. The next player who must host is the winner of the previous game. All game IDs must be disclosed no later than turn 5 for each game.
  • Any deviations from the typical everyday schedule must be approved by CSY.
  • In the event there is a problem setting up the game(s), CSY must be contacted by the players involved in the affected pairing(s). If he receives incomplete contact in any pairing, he will disqualify the players that did not contact him.

Prize Pool

The major prizes for this tournament are currently as follows*:

  • Champion / 1st place: Gold medal, plus 3 months of premium membership
  • 2nd place: Silver medal, plus 2 months of premium membership
  • 3rd place: Bronze medal, plus 1 month of premium membership
*Premium membership proudly offered by the Planets Nu team

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