Game Updates!

(written by BigBeefer)

Here are some updates on what is going on in the world of DIE HARD games…

Trudges on with all players still battling. Big Beefer of the colonies has a commanding military lead, the highest among all of the DIE HARD games in fact, but his planet count is not nearly as impressive. The leaders of DIE HARD 2 & 3 have as many planets, despite their games being 20 turns behind this one. So the question is, can he turn his military strength into a planetary gain? With everyone else still in play, the answer to that remains open.

Iso–t of the borg has taken a commanding lead in almost all areas, and has far more planets than any player in any of the other games. This appears to be one of those games that reminds you why there is a planets proverb to “kill the borg early”. Will anyone be able to stop him? There is still a lot of strength left in the other players, so we’ll see! In other news, it appears Redjon of the colonies has boarded his final warship to seek a last act of vengeance. DIE HARD, my friend!

The DIE HARD 3 players have built up bases faster than any of the other games so far, and was the earliest to hit the ship limit. With Thin Lizzy of the lizards leading the base and ship counts (Note: Thin also currently holds our record for the fastest base construction rate), Mentar of the colonies taking a notable planet and military lead, and all other players still in combat, this could be anybody’s game.

This game saw our first player DIE HARD. Umphridas of the empire has the honor of being our first player to recieve the “Last Breath” award, for fighting down to the last clan and crew member. Veldan of the privateers leads the planet count, while Azazel of the lizards leads in bases, ships and military. With many other players still strong, it’s way too early to even guess at this one.

It’s only turn 12, so not much to say, except… WHAT? THE LIZARDS OF ODYSSEUS HAVE LOST THEIR HOMEWORLD!? ON TURN 12? Wow, we DIE HARD players can be an aggressive bunch can’t we? But looking at the comparison charts, I noticed that they are not the first to have this happen (though certainly the first so early in the game). Beagle of the rebels in DIE HARD 4 also lost his homeworld, but managed to later get another base, and fights on to this day. And as Odysseus is the current planet leader, don’t count anybody out!

OK, this one really is to early to have much to say.

It’s early, but everyone seems to be developing well, and the distribution of power seems well divided, with no runaway leaders in any category. Looking to be a good game!

Echoclusterveteran of the borg and Ronnle Robot of the rebels are gathering planets at an incredible pace, but it’s still very early, and all players are developing nicely, so there is much combat to be had in the future!

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