Planets Mag Welcomes the DIE HARD League!

(written by ECV)

The DIE HARD series hosted by Big Beefer features high-level VGA Planets play for serious players.  Unlike normal public games, DIE HARD sectors do not allow any player to quit under any circumstances.

Planets Mag is now partnering with Big Beefer and the DIE HARD series to present news and links, and give a way for players to socialize outside the game.

All DIE HARD players are encouraged to make an account and log in so you can add your voice to the DIE HARD news.  Welcome, commanders!

1 thought on “Planets Mag Welcomes the DIE HARD League!

  1. Thanks ECV, it’s great to be here! This is just the spot to keep all of our DIE HARD info, so it doesn’t get lost in the sprawl of the activity feeds. Keep an eye out for game announcements and updates coming soon!


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