(written by BigBeefer)

I’m looking to recruit players for a “DIE HARD” game. Players that are willing to play a game out to the end no matter what. No quitters, droppers, idlers, resigners, permanent holiday moders, etc. I have been increasingly frustrated with players quitting when they still have plenty of strength left, and so am looking to create a game that will not have this issue.

Game Setup:

1. It will be setup the same as a standard planets.nu officers game: 500 planets, the usual 11 races, standard map size, Max Allies = 1 for victory conditions. All other forms of diplomacy will be permitted as well.

2. Schedule will be 2 turns per week, probably hosting Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hopefully the early turns will run faster, but no guarantee.

3. This game will be run as a public game so you will earn achievement and campaign resources, and have it listed on your profile.

4. To keep things fair for all players in the game, only premium planets.nu members should join, and you should plan to maintain your membership for the duration of the game.


You should agree to the following conditions before requesting a slot:

1. YOU WILL NOT QUIT. The whole reason this game is being created is to find a group of players that can take a hit (or a severe beating) and keep on fighting. You should understand that you quitting takes away from the enjoyment of others in the game, and should enjoy playing even when you are unlikely to win. You agree to not resign, or stop playing while remaining in the game (including holiday mode) in any fashion.

2. NO PRE-FORMED ALLIANCES. I am OK with you having friends in the game, but you must agree to join the game as independent players, open to alliance or combat with everyone else in the game. If the situation in the game is a good one for you and your friend to end up allying, more power to you, but otherwise you should be willing to work with other players as allies and fight your friends.

Other notes and details:

1. OK, we may let you resign if your situation has become truly hopeless. Something along the lines of “I have only 3 barren planets with 10 clans each and my only ship is a fuelless probe I accidentally shot off the side of the map.” If you really want out, post in the game forum and the other players can vote to approve your release or not.

2. I realize that real life issues can cause people to have to quit. That’s understandable, but please give us notice so I can pause the game and try to find a replacement.

3. If you do quit for any reason except the above, you can expect to be taunted, mocked, insulted, and discredited in the public forums, as well as any threads for any other games you are in. You may also find players from this game joining other games you are in with the sole purpose of hunting you down.

4. While not a strict requirement, this game is meant to draw upper-level players. You should be aware that the competition will (hopefully) be tougher than what you’ll typically find in the public games. If you haven’t managed to pull off a win in a public game, this may not be a good one for you to join.

5. The game may be paused occasionally at the request of a player who, for whatever reason, may not be able to get their turns completed on schedule for a short time. It is expected that these pauses will be infrequent and brief. All requests for a pause will be voted on by the players in the game, though I would assume most will be granted unless they become excessive.

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