Loki Class Destroyer

(Archived content — by SpaceSquad)

Loki Class Destroyer can be built by the Solar Federation and the Lizard Alliance

Loki_Class_Destroyer Techlevel 8 Crew 265
Engines 2 Fuel 140
Beams 2 Cargo 80
 Torpedo tubes 4 Mass 101
Special Tachyon pulse: Decloaks all cloaked ships in a range of 10 lightyears before and after movement. Needs 1kt fuel on board to be operational. Federation, Lizard and Birdmen cloakers are immune to the Loki’s Tachyon device.
Damage preventing special: 20%
Costs Megacredits 170 Tritanium 20
Duranium 10 Molybdenum 43
Range* Range full¹ 520ly Fuel/81ly max² 26kt
Range no cargo² 770ly Fuel/81ly min³ 9kt
Range¹ no fuel 8ly
Damage Mine Damage 98% PBP to build 3
Web Damage 10% PBP destroy 2
Supply repair** 16%
Campaign Games Campaign Special
Campaign Versions
Comment The Loki Class Destroyer emits a Tachyon pulse that decloaks all (including your own) cloaked ships which start or end their journey within 10 light-years of a Loki. The Lokis Tachyon pulse is emitted automatically before and after movement phase as long as the Loki has 1kt fuel, the owner of the Loki does not need to set a mission or friendly code to trigger it. The Tachyon device does not burn any fuel itself and it will also decloak ships if the Loki is built without weapons. All cloakers by any other race than Fed, Lizard or Bird Men will be decloaked. If decloaked by a Loki before movement, the cloaker does not burn any fuel for trying to cloak. The decloaking device will not work, if the ship has taken 20% damage or more.

* Transwarp Drive Engines at Warp 9 nonstop flight.
¹ Full cargo and fuel tank, cloaked if available
² Empty cargo and full fuel tank
³ Empty cargo and fuel at minimum
** Max % that can be repaired if fully loaded with supplies (1% = 5kt supplies)

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