Diamond Flame Class Battleship

(Archived content — by SpaceSquad)

Diamond Flame Class Battleship can be built by the Crystallines

180px-Diamond_Flame_Class_Battleship Techlevel 9 Crew 510
Engines 2 Fuel 400
Beams 10 Cargo 90
Torpedo tubes  6 Mass 451
Costs Megacredits 410 Tritanium 93
Duranium 70 Molybdenum 390
Range* Range full¹ ??ly Fuel/81ly max² ??kt
Range no cargo² ??ly Fuel/81ly min³ ??kt
Range¹ no fuel ??ly
Damage Mine Damage 22% PBP to build 10
Web Damage 2% PBP destroy 5
Supply repair** 18%
Campaign Games Campaign Special
Campaign Versions

* Transwarp Drive Engines at Warp 9 nonstop flight.
¹ Full cargo and fuel tank, cloaked if available
² Empty cargo and full fuel tank
³ Empty cargo and fuel at minimum
** Max % that can be repaired if fully loaded with supplies (1% = 5kt supplies)

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