Video tutorial: Turn 3

Video tutorial: How to play the third turn as the Crystal Confederation

4 thoughts on “Video tutorial: Turn 3

  1. I really like how thorough and methodical you are. I’m learning a lot just by watching your thought processes! You have outstanding resource management skills.

    I have one question. If you had found some extraordinarily favorable natives nearby on turn 3, would you have built LDSF instead?

    Oh and I have another question. It seems like duranium has always been weak in extraction density early in the game. You mention this as a specific concern here and a good reason to avoid disruptors. Of course there’s also the fact that you must save up for a Merlin someday, and I’m sure you’ll mention that someday. Is the low duranium density always the case on the Nu homeworlds? I have had a great deal of difficulty digging it from surrounding planets also and I am curious if the Emperor has had the same issues in his vast experience as a Crystal commander!


  2. Well, I just answered one of my own questions. I looked through and noticed that every single homeworld I’ve ever conquered on Nu has mineral densities 50 – 15 – 20 – 95. Very interesting!!


  3. Can I just bow down and worship now??? The crystals are my favorite race to play, unfortunately I am not good at playing them yet. But the point of posting here is just to say thanks for these posts, its fantastic to learn the strategies from the Emperor ;-).

    Can I request a tutorial video on trapping ships with multiple webs?



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