Video tutorial: Turn 2

Video tutorial: How to play the second turn as the Crystal Confederation

3 thoughts on “Video tutorial: Turn 2

  1. For those who want more details on the planet colonization calculation.


    1) Transfer your planet and natives information to the webformular
    2) Set the native tax rate so high that the happiness change will be 0. ( in my example 18%)
    3) add a high number (like 5000) to the Colonist population section.
    4) Check Native tax income field and reduce the colonist population to that number (in my example 227 clans)
    5) Add the number of clans to the planet structures formula (
    6) Copy the Max. mines and factories to the planet settings and adjust the tax race (step 2)
    7) Beam down the calculated amount of clans, (in my example 214) do not worry if you beam down less clans, as long as they will grow. You only need more clans then calculated if you want to overtax the natives from the beginning.

    You can skip step 5 & 6 if you assume your mines and factories and add the numbers directly in step 1.


  2. I read your recount of your championship game and really got alot out of it. So then I’ve tried to view a couple of these turn by turn videos and they’re basically unwatchable unfortunately. There’s so much echoing of the sound that I can almost never follow what you’re saying.
    Is there some way I can change some sort of setting on my end to be able to “clear up” the sound so I can listen to them?


  3. Hi Rhunter,
    Did you try to watsch them directly in youtube? It might be better. The mic i use is just from my webcam, not perfect, but understandable. If you have any question, let me know and i will answer it directly


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