All Available Mods for Planets.Nu

(archived: written by dtolman) itself allows users to modify their experience with custom scripts, which can add new features, options, automation, and visualizations to your VGA experience. To run a mod, you first need to install greasemonkey or tampermonkey (see: Installing Mods with

The table is broken up into two groups – newer Mods that should work with the standard interface on, and older mods from before 2013 that may no longer work (aka, use the bottom group with caution).

If you notice anything missing, or broken, please let me know and I will update the list accordingly.

All Extant Mods and Add-ons for (as of June, 2017)


Planets.Nu Client


Planetary Management Plugin – (greasyfork | by dotman – automate planetary management through various pre-built strategies and adds new management UI.

Gravitronic Connections – (greasyfork | by robodoc – Activates the connections (165ly) for ships with Gravitronic Accellerators.

Enemy Shiplist Plugin – (greasyfork |  by kedalion – tracks all instances of enemy ships seen in the game, and displays information in new formatted tables in-game.

Nu Replayer – (download | by challengespaceyard – Replays game history. Believe this works with both interfaces.

Planets Game Viewer (download | by dcorboy – Creates turn-by-turn animation of a VGA Planets game.

Added Map Tools and Starmap Overlays (Climate, Clans, Ownership, temperature, SB build locations) – (greasyfork by dtolman – Adds additional map tools displaying climate, clans, ownership, temperature, where to build SBs, and more!

Dedicated Race Colors – (greasyfork | by dtolman – allows users to assign all races dedicated colors for ships, planets, and minefields on the starmap. Also displays ship names with all explosions.

Fleet UI – (greasyfork || by dtolman – Adds new fleet display in the ship view. Can set fleet movements, view fleet cargo, and set fleet speed.

Improved Ship List View – (greasyfork | by dtolman – Adds additional columns and views to the ship list display, highlights ships with potential mistakes/problems, allows users to issue some commands, and control fleets from the ship list view.

Colonial Minesweep Assistant – (greasyfork | by dtolman – Adds colonial minesweeping info into the ship UI.

Fascist Glory Device Explosions on Map – (greasyfork | by dtolman – Shows Fascist Glory Device Explosions on the Map.

Improved Planetary List View in Dashboard – (greasyfork | by dtolman – Miscellaneous Improvements to the Planet List View such as displaying planets at risk for rioting or negative population growth, planets that can build starbases.

Extended History Graphs – (greasyfork by kedalion – adds new history graphs in the game data page for ships, starbases, pbps.

Message Links to Planets, Ships, SBs – (userscripts by big beefer – when using the v2 interface, references to an in game object in a message will be replaced by a link that jumps you to that on the starmap. For example, put p#278 in your message, and with this mod it will change to an actual link to the planet on the starmap.

Smooth(er) zoom – (userscripts | by deathstroke – Changes behavior of scroll wheel zoom.

Improved Planet Hover Text – (greasyfork | by big beefer – Adds superspy, dark sense, SB information, and more into the planet hover text in the starmap view.

Added Links to menu – (userscripts | by big beefer – Adds links to popular external sites (including this one) as well as adding a link to the original forums.

Updated Color Coded Territory Map – (monkeyguts by kedalion – It allows users to overlay a ‘territory map’ over the starmap that is either colored by player or by alliance

Tenacity Rating Tooltip – (userscripts | by big beefer and mjs68508 – Adds a mouseover tooltip to the site showing a players tenacity rating and rating components.

Load Own Ship Info into VCR – (userscripts | by lord helmet – Allows user to import map information into the VCR to simulate battles between your own ships and enemies.

Sensor Range Plugin – (greasyfork | by kedalion – adds map option to display ship and planet ranges on the map.

Draw Objects on Map – (userscripts by big beefer – Allows players to draw on the map. Works with both versions.

Planetary Management Plugin v2 – (greasyfork | by dotman – automate planetary management through various pre-built strategies and adds new management UI.

Resortable Scoreboard – (userscripts | by mclaughlin – Allows you to sort the scoreboard by different headers.

Ion Storm Forecaster – (userscripts by Big Beefer – Predicts ion storms with fairly good accuracy five turns out

Campaign Simulator – (scripts | by Challengespaceyard – Simulate campaign purchases before buying them

Idle Object Visualizer Plugin – (monkeyguts | ) by kedalion – Displays on map all objects marked idle, ready, or permanently ready. Ship filters allows users to highlight ships with special functions such as terraformers.

Send Diplomats to All – (greasyfork | by maclav – Sends diplomats to all races.

VCR Sound Damper – (greasyfork | by Big Beefer? – Quiets the VCR so its not so noisy!

Player Select During Finished Game Replay – (greasyfork | by Big Beefer? – Lets your jump between players while reviewing a finished game, without logging out/in.

Player Intelligence Center – (greasyfork | by Crystalct – Gives you information on your opponents

Native Taxing Assistant – (userscripts | by big beefer – Utility to help automate native taxing, as well as giving users different taxing scenarios and consequences.

Turn on Ship History by Default – (userscripts | by big beefer – Activates ship histories by default. Works with old and new client interfaces

Ship Info – (Greasyfork) by Singularity – Adds transfer target, crew xp and hull mass to ship screen

Show Notes on Map – ( by mcnimble – Displays notes on the starmap

Show messages on Map – ( by mcnimble – Displays messages on the starmap

Map Filter and Redraw mod – ( by mcnimble – This plugin provides you with a clear view on the starmap of what you are interested in. In order to do that, many things are rendered in a different way, and you can filter out what you do not want to see, so that you can focus on what you do want to see.

Hide Map Tips – ( by mcnimble – To get rid of the “Click and Move to Drag”, which is shown every single time you open a map

Netbook Enhancements – ( by mcnimble – Optimizes performance for netboooks

Keyboard Bindings – ( by mcnimble – Various keybindings. Also some new commands that only make sense when using the keyboard.

Randomize Friendly Codes – (userscripts | by lord helmet – New button which will generate a random friendly code for planets and ships.

Stellar Cartography – (| by meteor – Draw edges to nebulas, ion storms, star clusters and debris disks. For star clusters the mine destruction zone is shown as well.

Gridded version Stellar Cartography – (| by aral – Same as Stellar Cartography plugin, but leaves the underlying 1ly X 1ly grid visible

NuPilot – autopilot – (|github) by drgirasol – nuPilot – plugin to enable semi-intelligent auto-pilots.

Ignore users script – ( by dotman – Lets you ignore users on the site.

Feed blocking script – ( by dotman – blocks the feed view from the UI.

VPA Keyboard shortcuts – ( by Quapla – Add VPA-key strokes, and commands.

Improved Hover Prediction – (|<a href=”; ) by Quapla – Improved Hover-Text: more planet information, more information about the planet next turn (incoming ships, incoming minerals)

Randomize Friendly Codes and Ship Names – (greasyfork| by spiper – Adds a random button to generate random FCs or Ship names.

Spiper Menu – (greasyfork) by spiper – menu for plugins this handles all of the menu controls.

SINGULARITY’S Colourblind adjustments – (greasyfork) by singularity – This script for Planets.Nu changes some default colours to help players with colour blindness.




Game Data Alliance Add-on (userscripts | – by kedalion – Adds new alliance tab in the game data view for v2. Also fixes problems in the data charts for melee games.

Strategic Information Assistant (userscripts | by kosmonymous/sdeha – Must have add-on for v2. When clicking on the game data view, shows a color coded view on the Data tab of what changed since last turn (now built into v3).

Planet Numbers Only – (userscripts | by jobo – Modifies the map view in v2 to display planet numbers instead of names.

Race Filter for Open Games – (monkeyguts | by kedalion – when using the v2 join game interface (, adds a new option to show open games by Race.

Planets Super Filter – (userscripts | by big beefer – lets you essentially run javascript code in the v2 game to create powerful filters, or advanced commands. Not for the faint-hearted, but very powerful tool.

Load Planet Data – (userscripts | by oliphaunt – used in conjunction with the VGA Planets tax & happiness calculator to populate the calculator with actual game data.

Auto Usage of Gravity Wells – (greasyfork | by xeye – automatically sets ship speed and destination so that they will use a planets warp well when moving.

Color Coded Territory Map – (greasyfork | by kedalion – Creates a territory map showing blocks of territory controlled by each player (colors are from the color-coding mod).

Ship Build Templates – (greasyfork | by big beefer – Allows users to save and load pre-made ship templates when building at a starbase with predefined hulls, engines, beams, torps.

Original Notes Color Palette – (userscripts | by lord helmet – adds back the original notes screen colors.

Better Hyperjump Circles – (userscripts | by spiper – Circles planets in jump range and other improvements for hyperjumping

Display Individual Ships in Map View – (userscripts |  by spiper – Shows individual ships orbiting a planet in the map.

Hide Notes Display in UI – (userscripts | by spiper – Hides note boxes and help tips to improve map drawing time.

Directional Arrows for Chunneling and HYPing ships – (userscripts | by spiper – Adds directional arrows for Chunneling and Hyperjumping ship paths, as well as other tools for Chunneling/HYPing ships.

Improved Starbase Screen – (userscripts | by lord helmet – Adds ability to change tech levels and sell supplies from the SB screen, as well as other improvements.

Lock Ships When Marked Ready – (userscripts | by big beefer – Locks ships so orders can not be changed once marked ready.

Replay Game History – (userscripts | by spiper – Allows users to replay game history for games (completed or in progress).

Alternate Resource Viewer – (greasyfork | by big beefer – Shows planet resources (via map tools) using a new display layout.

Alliance Information Sharing – (userscripts | by big beefer – Allows allies to share information (fc’s, destinations, cloak states, etc) using new update allies button.

Game Data extractor and Enemy Shiplist – (userscripts by lord helmet – Extracts game data to an xml formatted document, and displays enemy ships in the ship list.

Show Mine hits on Map – (userscripts | by big beefer – Displays mine hits on the map view.

Predict Ion Storm Path – (userscripts | by big beefer – Adds button to predict the Ion Storm path over the next five turns.

Show Mineral Checkboxes – (userscripts | by spiper – Adds show mineral item to tools menu to select individual minerals for display (on both planets and ships).

Cloning Preview in SB Screen – (userscripts | by big beefer – Shows cloned ship build information in the SB Screen (money, minerals, etc)

Randomize Friendly Codes – (userscripts | by lord helmet – New button which will generate a random friendly code for planets and ships.

VPA Like Object Selection – (userscripts | by xeye – Modifies the game client to behave more like VPA.

Added Map Tools (Climate, Clans, Ownership, temperature) – (greasyfork | by dtolman – Adds additional map tools displaying climate, clans, ownership, temperature

Check Materials to Build Starbase – (userscripts | by spiper – Adds tool to check all planets and marks ones close to building a SB on the map.

Circle Objects Not Marked Ready – (userscripts | by spiper – Circles any planet, SB, or ship not marked ready.

Display Ship Names on Map with Explosions – (greasyfork | by dtolman – Writes ship name on map when an explosion occurs. v3 Colorcoding Mod includes this mod as well.

Ship Predictor – (userscripts | by lord helmet – Script helps visualize the status of all owned ships next turn (does not look at allied/enemy ships).

Harvest Overview – (userscripts | by cb1 – Visual display on map of planet resources to assist players on when to harvest resources with a freighter.

Combat Calculator – (userscripts | by kosmonymous – Calculates odds of winning a battle based off multiple runs of the combat simulator.

Dedicated Race Colors – (greasyfork | by dtolman – allows users to assign all races dedicated colors for ships, planets, and minefields on the starmap (there is a separate version for the new client).

Minesweep Visualization – (userscripts | by big beefer – Visualizes on the starmap the effects of minesweeping.

Improved Ship Movement Tools – (userscripts | by big beefer – Fixes problems with ship movement information and adds additional visualizations.

13 thoughts on “All Available Mods for Planets.Nu

  1. When someone has random friendly codes installed, then he has almost effectively disabled the special ability of the enemy Bird player.

    The only thing a Bird player can do is bum or use 5 ships to force the mfX. Any other usage of Superspy is useless.

    Leaving much unused MC on planets is considered inefficient play.
    And how often are 5 ships used for mfX? Not often.

    This is a powerful mod.


  2. The Randomize Friendly codes script works on the new interface. I use it all the time on the new site, never experienced a problem with it. (Running chrome) Actually, it’s the only mod I have installed because I encountered so many problems running multiple mods together that I just went with the one mod I felt was absolutely necessary.


  3. I have only one mod installed. There is a “1” badge displaying over the status icon. In other words, it looks like perhaps I don’t have the latest version? I’m not sure. What does the badge mean? (it looks similar to the badge you get on the iPhone when you need to update an app or have a voicemail or something).


  4. I updated the extended history graph addon to work with the new version. Also added a new graph that shows the development in terms of total ships compared to fastest, slowest, and average speed games of that type.


  5. Long time reader, first time commenter. Is there any chance that the “Add Direction Arrows to Chunnel” script can be resurrected for use in 2014? I tried to install it and it doesn’t seem to work (at least not with my other scripts enabled). The zoom part isn’t as helpful, but with 20 different chunnels going the same turn this would make things a little easier to manage.


  6. All plugins aimed at the traditional browser UI. I like to show things on the map, rather than in separate tables.

    ShowNotes Show notes on the map
    RedrawAndFilter Show planets/ships/etc clearer. Allow filtering many types of objects and then show certain aspects of it, e.g. neutronium on ships of races 3, 5, 7; supplies and MC; supplies, trit and molyb on own planets; natives and colonists; Ammunition;
    ForNetbooks An attempt to make things faster / more visible on machines with a smallish screen and slow CPU (I own an Asus EEE PC)
    HideMapTip Hide the map tip when you go to the map. Probably the smallest plugin, ever.


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