Neutronic Refinery Ship

(Archived content — by SpaceSquad)

Neutronic Refinery Ship can be built by every race.

180px-Neutronic_Refinery_Ship Techlevel 9 Crew 190
Engines 10 Fuel 800
Beams 6 Cargo 1050
Mass 712
  Special Refinery: Can produce up to 525kt of Neutronium per turn
1 supply + 1 mineral = 1 neutronium
  Costs Megacredits 970 Tritanium  150
Duranium 125 Molybdenum  527
  Range max. Range¹ full cargo  356ly Fuel/81ly max²  209kt
max. Range¹ no cargo  700ly Fuel/81ly min³    65kt
max. Range¹ no fuel    1ly
  Damage Mine Damage 14% PBP to build 16
Web Damage   1% PBP destroy  8
Supply repair* max. 210%

¹with Transwarp Drive Engines at Warp 9 nonstop flight.
²with Transwarp Drive Engines at Warp 9 cargo and fuel fully loaded
³with Transwarp Drive Engines at Warp 9 cargo empty and fuel at minimum
* Max % that can be repaired if fully loaded with supplies (1% = 5kt supplies)