8 thoughts on “Video tutorial: Turn 1

  1. Hello space,

    first of all, thanks for the video!

    i’ve got some questions/notes
    1.) you are not building a ship – you must have missed that? you could discuss ship building by having an explicit look at the Crystaline’s shiplist and your starting position
    2.) you say, that you need the money on the base and therefore do not build mines or take money off your homeworld. your explanations for doing so seem a little vague, maybe you can be a bit more concrete?


  2. ok, it looks like the video was broken to me. i was just able to watch the first 3,5 minutes. now i can see the whole video and it seems like you covered all my notes 🙂

    good video!


  3. Awesome vid, Space! I tend to do a few things differently: I max out the mineral mines on the first turn and don’t tax the colonists, in preparation for moving lots and lots of clans as quickly as possible. If I don’t max the mines on the first turn, I may never get them built. Your approach leaves more money to work with and income for the second turn. On the first turn I spend a lot less on the first ship (Emerald – Xwarp – Plasma Bolt – Mark 4). Your point about always wanting Mark 7 on an Emerald so that it can always fight is a very good one and well taken. I’m consequently beginning to wonder whether an Emerald with Mark 4 is ever a good investment, since, as you say, you might as well build a Ruby if you just want to web and transport. Still, the Emerald has a slightly greater capacity to transport, and that would be the only reasonable counterargument for Mark 4. In the end, different decisions in the very early game may just reflect a diversity of personalities and playing styles. Danke for sharing your great wisdom, Emperor!!


  4. Thanks! Enjoyed your video. I usually tax down to 70 happiness on turn 1, but like your explanation and may change my approach to allow more early growth. I also find myself between you and EC regarding mines. My problem with your approach is Duranium. It is slow to mine, and we need over 600kt for that all important Merlin that I need built before the ship limit hits. That being said, I usually build about 200 mines and use the “Beam Up Duranium” mission often as my early ships circle around. The Emerald instead of LDSF is an interesting strategy, but I still focus my first 8 turns primarily on expansion. I send 60 to 100mc out (to “bdm”) with my early freighters to help kick-start a few non-native rocks that have needed minerals (especially Duranium). The loss of a few hundred mc is not a big deal to my HW but makes a HUGE difference to those emerging colonies. My thoughts are why let the Lizards get 80 or more ships when the limit hits while I lay back with half as many ships and bases? I think we Crystal players are underestimating the importance of being in the top 3 or 4 races (in number of ships) when the 500 limit hits. That said, I tend to build more LDSFs and start looking to build base numbers 2 and 3 before turn 12 or so.


  5. Ooh, great points Tom! I have a question – is the homeworld Duranium density or average density overall low by default on Nu? In any case it does seem to come out slow, and gathering up the 600kt as soon as possible for the Merlin really is a huge deal, and as soon as I have the 600kt I will splurge for it.


  6. Thanks for your comments guys, as mentioned in the video, it´s my classical Crystalline opening. There are many other ways as well.
    @ecv: As I only use MK7 torps, I save a lot of minerals during the game, maybe that allows me to keep the mines on the planet between 100 and 200. I try to build the Merlin on an Humanoid base, if I can find a suitable planet nearby. That would allow me to keep the hull tech at 6 for long time. So in the worst case I raise to hull tech 10 on the homeworld to build the Merlin there. I only build Rubys with MK4 when I cannot afford MK7, but those Rubys are used as Freighters mainly, they tow around SD1 Merlins, Onyx or MDSF for extra Cargo. They do not lay mines, but in case of emergency they can lay a small MK4 web. With MK7, you have way less mineral problems in the later game.

    @tom n: You are right, you have to build as much ships as possible. But I only build a new base when I have enough planets around to support the base with minerals and cash. A second base too early and maybe on the wrong spot can ruin you. The benefit I see on an early MK7 Emerald is that you are save from turn 2. You are ready to lay webs, you can fight nearly all other early ships and you can kill a Borg outpost when you find one nearby. While your freighters cycle, your Emerald do not have too. You can keep it at the front and fight your neighbor in his territory. On the way to the front you will colonize the planets with your 510 cargo room.

    I will publish turn 2 soon, so you can see it in detail.


  7. The Emperor only uses Mark 7, wow! I simply run out of money between the tech and the tubes, so my idea is to build Mark 4 until I am not suffering from Crystal poverty quite so badly. After the limit, only mark 7, no exceptions (except a few Diamond with mark 8 for fighting when necessary). Then in theory, in the late game I use my mark 4 ruby/emerald for transport etc. and the mark 7 are on the front lines. I’ve had some situations where it hasn’t worked out like that necessarily, so maybe I need to reëxamine some of my strategy 🙂


  8. I just noticed you have 15000mc at your starting planet. Games I have played had starting money of 10000mc… and lot less minerals. I think it makes some differences, for example building mk7:s is…quite an investment


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