Capturing High-Value Ships

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High-value ships like Fireclouds, Cobols, SSDs and Meteors are on the top of everyone’s wish list. Sometimes you can trade for them, but if not, at least the torpedo races have a good chance of capturing them with specially-designed capture ships.

Small high-value ships like HYP probes, terraformers or freighters are best captured with X-ray lasers. The higher the mass of the capturing ship, the more successful it will be.

To capture a Cobol or a Firecloud you need more beam power to lower the shields faster. The best capture ships are the battleships below equipped with disruptors and gamma bombs. These battleships have a good chance to capture a Cobol or a Firecloud even if the target is equipped with heavy phaser and mark 8 torpedoes.

  • Missouri Class Battleship
  • T-Rex Class Battleship
  • Dark Wing Class Battleship
  • Victorious Class Battleship
  • Diamond Flame Class Battleship

If you wonder why the Crystallines should use a Diamond Flame to capture instead of using their webmines, keep in mind that they are hard to trap (Cobol) and way too dangerous (Firecloud) to allow them to stay alive.

Even the mighty Super Star Destroyer can be captured with specially designed ships. All you need is to get rid of the SSD’s fighers before you attack it with

  • Nova Class Super-Dreadnought
  • Annihilation Class Batteship

To capture the SSD, you need your battleship with Gamma Bombs and NO beams. Both capture ships have a high mass so that they can take damage from the SSD (such as 8 heavy phasers) while firing their torpedoes.

The Meteor Class Blockade Runner is the easiest ship to capture*. Basically you can capture it with any ships with high mass and disruptors. There are a large number of ships that can capture a Meteor equipped with heavy phasers and mark 8 torpedoes. If the capturing ship’s mass is high enough, disruptors will do the job. All large battlecarriers down to the Automa with its 4 beams can capture the Meteor as long as they do not launch fighters. A Merlin with disruptors or an Ill Wind with disruptors and no torpedoes are good choices as well.

* The Meteor is only easy to capture if you can fight it. Keep in mind that it can cloak, so you may not be able to intercept it and it is usually operated by the Privateers, so it can be used as a trap to rob your ships.

5 thoughts on “Capturing High-Value Ships

  1. For carrier races, you can also make “capture” ships out of your big carriers by using x-rays (or maybe disruptors) and a limited number of fighters on board. In general you want just enough fighters to bring down the enemy shields so the beams can start killing the crew, but you can play around in the battle sim to see what works.

    A good couple examples:
    Virgo with x-rays and 13 fighters vs Meteor
    Virgo with x-rays and 19 fighters vs Firecloud


  2. I’ve been wondering if the campaign fascist painmaker (1/2 mine hit) on trg could be used to decloak mcbrs and allow a capture Vicky take them. But it is kind of expensive to try out, with 35 advantage. Anyone tried these out yet, how much crew will a half mine hit take?


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